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  • Make a Rubber Mold /Cast a Part!- Michael Yurkovic (A) Thursday

Make a Rubber Mold /Cast a Part!- Michael Yurkovic (A) Thursday

  • Thursday, September 23, 2021
  • 09:00 - 17:00
  • Hartford Guild Show 2021
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  • If you are not a member of IGMA, you will pay an additional $10 for a class.


Make a Rubber Mold /Cast a Part

Michael Yurkovic (A)

Thursday  Class

Appropriate skill level: All skill levels welcome

Maximum number of students: 10

Class fee:  $195 (IGMA members), $205 (Nonmembers)

We will create a 2-piece mold, which is applicable for just about all molding applications in our miniature world. Students will bring in their own part(s) to mold and cast. If students do not have an item to bring in, the instructor will provide examples. Students will first prepare the first side of the mold, using clay to establish the parting line. Then add registration points, and pour the first side in quick cure silicone rubber. After curing, about 30 minutes, students will remove the clay and complete the second part of the mold. We will then use the resulting mold to cast at least one part per student. Students will do all the work to get the full experience, and have a skill they can take with them to use in their own applications. Sources will be provided for students, and students will have their molds to take home.

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