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  • Orchids for Castle Craft Domed Terrarium with Ree Miller Thursday Night

Orchids for Castle Craft Domed Terrarium with Ree Miller Thursday Night

  • Thursday, September 19, 2024
  • 18:30 - 22:00
  • 2024 Guild Show Hasbrouck Heights
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Orchids for Castle Craft Domed Terrarium 193 
Instructor: Ree Miller (A)

Thursday Night 6-10 pm

Orchids for Castle Craft Domed Terrarium 193.

Description of Class Including Techniques Taught, Dimensions and Scale:  

The Scale will be 1/12. Students will learn techniques for hand cutting, hand punching, and working with laser cut sheets. Coloring options for customizing will be taught with students being able to choose their own color schemes from the available paints and alcohol markers. Using alcohol markers in your work and how to seal and protect your creations from UV damage will be covered. As well as techniques for using various materials to simulate moss, dirt, and mulch, as well as plant roots. Students will be creating additional jungle foliage in the form of ferns and small plants to give the terrarium a well established appearance. Options for the style and color of the additional foliage will be available. Completion at the end of class is expected. Completed dimensions will vary by student, however, they will fall within 1 ¼” L X ⅝” W X 1 ¼” H._ 

Student Supplies and Tools Needed:  

Additional lighting, Magnification, Small Scissors: Cuticle, embroidery or German paper cutting work best, Crafting tweezers with good tips can be straight or curved, both would be useful, a set of small tip ball stylus tools if you have them: Michaels and Hobby Lobby carry them for around 4-5 dollars a set of three. If you need to borrow tools due to travel restrictions, etc. I will have styluses, scissors, and tweezers available for loan in class. However, if you have taken a flower class before, please feel free to bring your own. All other tools and materials will be provided.

Skill Level: All levels

Max. Students: 12

IGMA Members $65 / Non-Members $75

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