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  • Lynette Barker - Sculpting a Bowl and Vase on a Mini Wheel, air dry clay

Lynette Barker - Sculpting a Bowl and Vase on a Mini Wheel, air dry clay

  • Thursday, March 07, 2024
  • 14:00 - 17:00
  • online
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INSTRUCTOR: Lynette Barker, Artisan
PROJECT: Sculpting a Bowl/Vase 101 on a Mini Wheel, air dry clay


DATE AND TIME: Offered March 7, 2 pm to 5 pm ET


Lynette will teach you the basic skills needed to sculpt clay on a mini wheel. For this class, she will use air-dry clay. No kiln is needed. She uses a mini wheel, and recommends them for students.

The project for this class will be a large (relatively speaking) mixing/serving bowl. Simple, smooth and tiny. The scale will be 1:12, so the finished item will be about 1 inch tall. No tiny pieces are involved. Variation of style is encouraged.

Lynette will implement a sculpting method that does not use very much water, unlike standard throwing. This allows for more precise lines and thin edges on your finished projects. Using less water also speeds drying time and allows for possible painting and sealing of the project within the class time. It is expected that students will complete the project within the class time of 3 hours. There will be enough clay for at least one bowl, and perhaps more.

Lynette sculpts teapots, (that really pour tea!) pitchers with delicate spouts and curlicue handles, many elegant shapes of vases, platters and bowls, and unique sculptures. Later classes will cover more complex subjects, finishes and styles.

Materials supplied for class by the instructor will include: instructions, all tools needed and a small amount of air-dry clay to complete the current project. Students must have and use their own mini wheel.

Optional: mini pottery wheel - purchased by instructor and shipped to student. 

Length of Class: 3 hours

Maximum number of students: 10

SKILL LEVEL: All skill levels are welcome


GUILD ADMINISTRATIVE FEE: $14 members / $24 non-members


Optional mini wheel - $35 arrange directly with Lynette 

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