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  • VIDEO - Tori West - Creative Paperclay Masterclass III, Molds, Forms and Beyond

VIDEO - Tori West - Creative Paperclay Masterclass III, Molds, Forms and Beyond

  • Sunday, March 03, 2024
  • Saturday, March 09, 2024
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NSTRUCTOR: Tori West, Fellow
PROJECT: Creative Paperclay Masterclass III, Molds, Forms and Beyond

LENGTH OF CLASS: 90 minutes of video - one week later there will be a Q&A for 90 minutes.

DATE AND TIME: video will be released on March 3. Q&A will be March 9 from 6:00-7:30 pm ET

Creative Paperclay can be used in a wide variety of mold materials with great results,
and the material can also be used to create molds. The medium also lends itself to
being draped or sculpted over forms, and can also be used as forms. This versatility
offers great advantages in creating all types of miniatures. Some of the mold making
material Tori has used in her more than 20 years of working with Creative Paperclay
includes wax, modeling clay, carving wax, polymer clay, silicone, latex, Friendly Plastic, PenScore, foam and sand. The list of materials she has used for forms and armatures would be equally extensive if not more so.

Students will receive a comprehensive instructional video demonstrating the molding and forming methods discussed above. They will learn how to use molds, forms and combinations of those to create fantasy structures, architectural trim, hollow objects and more - including Tori's "signature" staircases used on her fantasy pieces. Just a few of the items using these techniques are shown here.

After students have had the chance to view the video during the week they will have the opportunity to ask questions at the Q&A session.

Maximum number of students: 15

SKILL LEVEL: All skill levels welcome


GUILD ADMINISTRATIVE FEE: $6.40 members / $16.40 non-members

MATERIALS FEE:  there is no materials fee for this class

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